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Is it time to buy blood with Bitcoin ?

The cryptocurrency market has reached a two-year low as the value of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies plummeted, frightening investors. The price of Bitcoin and other digital assets continues to fall because investors are too scared to invest their money in them. The chart is red, but there's a lot in investors' minds right now. But one question is more important than anyone: is it time 

to buy bitcoin blood?

Buy Bitcoin blood

Buy Bitcoin blood

Bitcoin's price is currently just above the 24,000 USD level. This is the lowest level that the digital asset has seen in almost two years. As a result, some people lost a significant portion of their portfolios in dollar terms. On the other hand, some investors saw this as a buying opportunity. Many investors also work with historical data, such as what happens when the price of digital assets falls.

In these markets, investors made a lot of money when the price of a digital asset fell negatively. This is called 'blood buying', i.e. buying a digital asset when it holds the red line. But traders who choose this path do not always have roses. That's because it's not possible to say how much the value of the digital asset will drop during a bear market. That's exactly what happened at the beginning of the last bull market, when the drop to $14,000 triggered bloodlust. But then the price fell to $6,000, which everyone will see later.

In the end, it all depends on the individual investor and their risk tolerance. Further losses are possible at this stage. However, a recovery from this point will allow many traders to make good profits in a short period of time.

BTC collapse trends

The fall the market experienced on Monday was on the books. Although the value of digital assets was quite low for much of the weekend, nothing could prepare the market for a drop to $24,000. Users in the area took to social media to express their hope, fears, and disappointment in the current market.
In the last 24 hours alone, the cryptocurrency market has lost more than $100 billion in market value. This led to further sell-offs as investors left the market and resorted to a relatively safe fiat currency.
It is unclear where the market is going or whether it will reach its bottom soon. It is clear that the bear market is in full bloom. If past bear markets are an indicator, investors in cryptocurrencies could stay underwater for the next two years.

Buying bitcoin blood isn't always a good thing

As with any business, buying blood with bitcoin is not guaranteed to work. Yes, in many cases, games were profitable for investors. However, on the other hand, there are also cases where the expected boom did not come.

An example of this is the 2018 market where the index fell by as much as 8% at one point. After that, the 180-day return turned negative, and investors should have suffered an average loss of about 8.56%. The December 2018 decline would have been even more serious when the index touched the 15-month extreme fear zone. After that, it will lose 50.57% in six months.

This shows that while Bitcoin delivers positive returns to risk-taking investors during times of high fear, it has induced selling many times in the past. So this is not as one-sided as many people would like to believe. Rather, it can be said that investing in highly volatile assets like Bitcoin is a riskier gamble than any other investor.

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